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In an era where nothing is permanent, organisations need to think on their feet to survive the next wave of disruption. Managers are required to understand and apply best practices from change management theories to inform their leadership skills and effective decision-making.

The module aims to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of traditional and digital marketing practices and the ways to strategically enter a target market, while subsequently creating and maintaining a competitive advantage that can guarantee success for the business.

Considering that no prior knowledge of statistics is assumed, students will acquire the research tools needed for a relevant piece of creative research that is able to make a practical contribution to the issues digital businesses face and will be able to make an informed decision about which methodology suits a particular problem.

In past decades, organisations from around the world have had to deal with a massive increase in the use of technology and its applications in every aspect of the business.

The module focuses on practical tools, practices, processes and techniques used to deploy successful digital transformation projects. 

Students will be introduced to internal and external factors that can make or break these types of projects, including the role of customers in the mix.

The organisations of today need to consider the fundamental role of technology in every aspect of the business, and not just simply in the acquisition of IT tools. Thus, managers are required to look at the strategic advantage of deploying technology strategies at a variety of different levels, from employees and how their work can benefit from it to business models, information and so forth.

Digital organisations are not only those operating in the tech sector. Nowadays, most businesses include a digital component that cannot – and should not be ignored.

The module looks at the different roles of people in a digital business, presenting theories linked to HR, organisational behaviour, coaching and customer-centric activities.

The module supports and guides students towards the production of an independent piece of original business research taking the form of a business research project. Students will have the opportunity to apply their prior knowledge to real-life research questions that arise from their placement experience. and will learn to undertake and critically assess business research, its impact and its contextual nature.

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